Choshi, Japan traveler’s SUSHI PASS

About Japan traveler’s SUSHI PASS in Choshi

On vacation in Choshi? Do you want to enjoy wonderful travel in Choshi using of the passport? Choshi, Japan traveler’s SUSHI PASS is the  convenient travel pass for you!


  • Great tasty sushi in a local sushi restaurant, which you can choose a place from 5 restaurants.
  • Ride Choshi local train all day.
  • Entrance of the horizon observatory with great view.
  • Onsen (hot springs). Choose a place from 4 onsen facilities.

Where SUSHI PASS can be used

Sushi restaurant

Choose 1 place from the Sushi restaurants below.

Onsen (Hot  springs)

Choose 1 place from the Onsen facilities below.

Hotel & Spa Tukimi  Taiyo no sato

> Tap here for details

Hotel New Daishin

> Tap here for details


Horizon observatory

> Tap here for details


Choshi Electric Railway

> Tap here for details

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